Can’t Miss Gift Idea for Mom – Digitized Family Photos
May 7, 2017

Can’t Miss Gift Idea for Mom – Digitized Family Photos

What you’ll need:

- Family Photos
- Digital Photo Frame or Photo App
- Scanning App
- A few spare minutes of free time throughout the year

There was a time when people used to take photos using film, “develop” them at a local photo shop, and place the best ones in carefully organized albums. Chances are your Mother keeps stacks of albums full of photos somewhere. Like wine, the contents of these albums get more valuable with the passage of time. As memories fade, they serve as the only reminders of events, relationships and people.

The ultimate Mother’s Day gift: Make digital copies of Mom’s photo albums and place them into digital photo frame. With a digital photo frame, Mom can view photos from the past and present everyday.  As an added bonus, you’ll create backup copies of these photos that you can distribute to family and save for future generations.

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to complete this great gift idea.

Step 1: Get Access to Photos

The first thing you need to do is identify the photos you want to digitize and get access to them. This means going over to Mom’s house to grab her photo albums. It could also mean contacting aunts, uncles and cousins to gather photos they have. Thankfully you don’t have to gather all the photos up at once. For this project you just need access to 30 or so photos initially.  You can add more photos later on.

Step 2: Download Google PhotoScan


Google Photo Scan is simply the best photo scanner on the market. The advantages are:

- It lets you scan a photo in about 10 seconds - much faster than a flatbed scanner.
- Photos are optimized for resolution and to eliminate glare.
- Photos are stored on your smartphone.
- Photos can automatically be backed up to Google Photos.

Download Google PhotoScan and follow the easy instructions on how to scan photos.

After you’ve scanned a few photos, save them to your camera roll by tapping on the save button on the lower right corner.

You can also use a service that lets you send in physical photos and get back digital copies.  Search for “digitize photos” to find a service provider near you.

Step 3: Load Photos Onto a Digital Photo Frame

PhotoSpring is the best digital photo frame on the market. The key features are:

- It's a digital photo frame that displays photos and videos
- It’s also a portable digital photo ALBUM with touchscreen and battery
- Switch quickly between photo display and photo browsing modes
- Send photos to the frame from your smartphone, or computer
- Family and friends can share photos directly to the frame
- Photos are automatically optimized to fit the display

It takes 5-10 minutes to setup and load the first photos using your smartphone.

Remember to order the digital photo frame early so you have enough time to load the initial set of photos. PhotoSpring is available at or on


Step 4: Continue to Load Photos Over Time

We recommend loading about 30 photos into the digital photo frame before giving it to Mom. This way she has something to look at when she turns the device on.  But don’t stop there. Continue to scan and load more photos over time to make this the gift that keeps on giving.  Including a wide array of photos that document the passage of time make and the people in her life make for the best viewing experience.


Step 5: Invite Other Family Members to Contribute

Get the whole family involved. Invite them to help purchase the digital photo frame and to send photos directly to the frame. Here’s how you can give each family member permission to send photos to Mom’s frame.